About Us

Super Crypto Mining, Inc. is much more than crypto currency.

Crypto Currency is a hot topic now as everyone works to understand how it all works. Those close to Super Crypto understand that we are a diversified company focused on both the short and long term opportunities in the crypto space. Here is our focus:

  • Super Crypto Mining – building mining farms with the goal of having 10,000 active mining machines by the end of 2018, subject to financing.
  • Super Crypto Power – With the help of our sister company Coolisys we are offering power supplies to support the crypto mining industry.
  • Super Crypto Miner – In development with our sister company Coolisys is our ASIC miner
  • Super Crypto Cloud – Our cloud mining service based on the power or our mining operations (mentioned above).
  • Super Crypto Blockchain – We are taking our short term revenue and re-investing for the long term in mainstream Blockchain opportunities.